Links to sites we like. – home site for Princes Amongst Men – great site for world music info and debates – all the news on Fanfare Ciocarlia and other AT managed Balkan Roma acts – excellent stock of CDs and books – the UK’s leading supplier of Balkan music and books – Ace are the world’s greatest soul and blues reissue label. Fabulous stuff. – leading leftist thinker provides plenty of essays and interviews on US foreign policy and its global effect. – home to Michael Ventura’s excellent meditative essays Letters At 3am – the best place for popular music biographies – venerable but never dull. – London organisation showing current affairs documentaries. – based in Clarksdale, Mississippi, this is great for blues news and purchases. – good and combative updates on US music scene – home to Boban Markovic. – excellent radical US magazine. – good for essays on Balkan situations. – Scandinavian anti-music censorship organisation – Chicano cultural site. – essays on contemporary European issues. – The European Roma Rights Center – African musical news. – America’s greatest roots music record label. -British blue’s, but with a nod to his Carribbean roots. -Fine art and Balkan photographs.